Betty Ketchedjian (b.1988 Beirut, Lebanon) is a Beirut-based visual artist and photographer. She graduated with a Masters in Photography from London College of Communication in2014, and since then has participated in group exhibitions in England, China, Armenia and Lebanon.

In 2018 she won the Byblos Bank Award for Photography for her project Namesake, and had her first solo exhibition in 2019 with the project The River That Carried Me.

Her work uses both digital and analog photographs as well as moving images and sound installations to explore notions of the self and identity, while also questioning human behavior in social contexts.


2018. Byblos Bank Award for Photography, Lebanon

Solo Exhibitions

2019. The River that Carried Me, Byblos Bank, Lebanon

Collective Exhibitions

2021. Out of Hand, Festival International des Arts de Bordeaux Métropole, Bordeaux France
2021. La Journee Thematique du Liban by Connaissance et Partage, Agora Theater Montpellier, France
2020. Namesake, Armenia Art Fair, Armenia
2020. Namesake, They Can Live in the Desert but Nowhere Else, KED, Lebanon
2019. The River that Carried Me, Beirut Image Festival, Beirut, Lebanon
2018. A Brief Irregularity, CUB Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
2018. Namesake, Beirut Art Fair, Beirut, Lebanon
2017. Out of Hand, What If It Was Me? Beirut, Lebanon
2015. Out of Hand, ___in the Room, Shanghai, China
2015. Retake, London College of Communication, London, UK

Artist Residencies

2020. Make yourself a(t) Home: Radical Care and Hospitality, Temporary Art Platform, Brazil


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